Home Staging in Lawrenceville

Stoddard House Interiors home staging services provides the homeowner and realtor with the most desirable outcome: a quick sale for the best price, a win-win situation.

Presenting a home to the broadest potential market is often difficult since the seller has many personal memories tied up in the home that they are preparing to sell. Hiring a professional with an objective eye to stage a home for the general market will make the process easy and the sale successful.

Clearly, home sellers want to move on and showcasing a home for quick sale at top dollar is in their best interests. The market shows that more than 60% of buyers are willing to spend more money to buy a home that is move-in ready:

  • The ROI (return on investment) on home staging costs are more than two-fold. Reports in numerous 2009 North American real estate articles have the ROI upwards of 5 times the initial investment.
  • An average of 68% of couples will decide on a home the same day they walk into it. Stat from Real Estate Weekly.
  • Staged homes typically sell in one month and un-staged homes can take six months or more to sell (market dependant). Stat from National Association of Realtors.